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Strange Horticulture

Bad Viking, Iceberg Interactive
Jan 21, 2022 - PC
Mighty Man

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90 / 100
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9 / 10
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4.5 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Strange Horticulture

A beautiful and engrossing detective game packed with mysteries, puzzles, and intrigue.

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Strange Horticulture is a true hidden gem and a pleasant surprise to start the year on, a delightfully quirky and charming puzzle game that puts a unique spin on botany and requires you to develop a green thumb in order to succeed, largely thanks to puzzle design that truly excels in creating simple yet challenging orders.

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Strange Horticulture is an excellently entertaining romp, featuring great puzzles, an intriguing mystery and gorgeously ambient sound effects.

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I really enjoyed playing Strange Horticulture. Although at times the puzzles were a little too challenging, it’s certainly a game I would—one—play again, and—two—absolutely recommend to others. It’s not simply filled with puzzles, but the educational aspect is really entertaining, as you learn useful facts about the many different plants. I may not have a green thumb, but this game certainly makes me want to get one—even if only virtual!

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9 / 10.0

Strange Horticulture is a shining example of why indie games are worth the time to look into. The art, sound, and story show that simple and subtle design is truly transcendent when the execution is done well.

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There’s something so very enthralling about Strange Horticulture; the way it lets you take the lead and figure out everything by yourself will really appeal to those with an analytical mind. The story could perhaps be a little more engaging, but it serves its purpose. Ultimately, it’s going to be Strange Horticulture‘s puzzles, its delicate but eerie presentation, and its satisfying and calming gameplay that will keep you hooked. Something very special awaits for those curious enough to enter Strange Horticulture.

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Strange Horticulture is the botany game of my dreams. It has that research-minded gameplay I’ve been seeking for years. And while its story has a lot of moving parts that makes it hard to shift gears between listening carefully to a few patrons and peeking through a microscope, poring over books, and braving the elements to find exotic flora, it pulls you in with its deeply intriguing mystery nonetheless. I can’t recommend Strange Horticulture enough, and for a multitude of different reasons that all boil down to a unique blend of elements entrenched in an unsettling mystique, I declare this to be the bar by which all other games released in 2022 shall be measured.

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Strange Horticulture is part ideal life sim and part puzzle adventure, where running an arcane plant shop is quiet, meticulous, delightful, dark, and beguiling.

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